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Show Calendar

The 2015 Show Calendar is listed below. Show dates are added as they are received.

2016 Show Year Calendar

Show Date Contact Phone Status
Emerald Coast Classic I AA Pensacola, FLDec 02 - Dec 06Cheryl Sims678-858-7192Posted
Triangle Sandhills Classic A Raeford NCDec 03 - Dec 06Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
December Classic I A Alpharetta, GADec 03 - Dec 06JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Palmetto Finals C Camden, SCDec 04 - Dec 06Ashlyn Bell803-257-1832Posted
Emerald Coast Clasic II AA Pensacola, FLDec 09 - Dec 13Cheryl Sims678-858-7192Posted
December Classic II A Alpharetta, GADec 10 - Dec 13JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCDec 12Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
Old Homestead Farm C Rocky Point, NCDec 12Margaret Overby910-262-0246Posted
Stepping Stone I B Aiken, SCDec 12 - Dec 13Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Raleigh Indoors Holiday Classic A Raleigh, NCDec 28 - Dec 31Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Aiken Winter Classic I A Aiken, SCJan 07 - Jan 10Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Pensacola Premiere I AA Pensacola, FLJan 13 - Jan 17Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Aiken Winter Classic II A Aiken, SCJan 14 - Jan 17Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Ocala January Classic A Ocala, FLJan 19 - Jan 24Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Pensacola Mid Winter II AA Pensacola, FLJan 20 - Jan 24Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Stonewall Country I A Lexington, VAJan 21 - Jan 24Leslie Brown540-460-2305Posted
Triangle Farms Winter Indoors C Raleigh, NCJan 22 - Jan 24Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Ocala January Festival A Ocala, FLJan 26 - Jan 31Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Pensacola Finale III AA Pensacola, FLJan 27 - Jan 31Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Raleigh Indoors Winter I A Raleigh, NCJan 28 - Jan 31Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
PSJ Highfields C Aiken, SCJan 30 - Jan 31Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Ocala Premiere A Ocala, FLFeb 02 - Feb 07Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Stonewall Country II A Lexington, VAFeb 05 - Feb 07Leslie Brown540-460-2305Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCFeb 06 - Feb 07Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
Ocala Winter Classic AA Ocala, FLFeb 09 - Feb 14Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Gulf Coast Premiere I AA Pensacola, FLFeb 10 - Feb 14Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Cupid Classic A Aiken, SCFeb 11 - Feb 14Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Triangle Farms Valentine C Williamston, NCFeb 12 - Feb 14Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Ocala Winter Festival AA Ocala, FLFeb 16 - Feb 21Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Gulf Coast National II AA Pensacola, FLFeb 17 - Feb 21Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Carolina Classic A Aiken, SCFeb 18 - Feb 21Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Old Homestead Farm C Rocky Point, NCFeb 20Margaret Overby910-262-0246Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCFeb 21Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Ocala Masters AA Ocala, FLFeb 23 - Feb 28Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Gulf Coast Magnolia III AA Pensacola, FLFeb 24 - Feb 28Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Raleigh Indoors Winter II A Raleigh, NCFeb 25 - Feb 28Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
PSJ Highfields C Aiken, SCFeb 27 - Feb 28Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
MARCH 2016
Ocala Tournament AA Ocala, FLMar 01 - Mar 06Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Gulf Coast Mid Winter IV AA Pensacola, FLMar 02- Mar 06Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
March Madness I AA Aiken, SCMar 03 - Mar 06Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Hollins Spring Welcome A Lexington, VAMar 03 - Mar 06Leslie Brown540-464-2961Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCMar 05Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
Greensboro Kick Off I,II C Greensboro, NCMar 05 - Mar 06Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
Ocala Winter Finals AA Ocala, FLMar 08 - Mar 13Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Gulf Coast Sunshine V AA Pensacola, FLMar 09 - Mar 13Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
March Madness II AA Aiken, SCMar 10 - Mar 13Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Triangle Farms Spring Indoors I C Raleigh, NCMar 11 - Mar 13Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Cheryl & Company B Alpharetta, GAMar 12 - Mar 16Janet Black404-518-9198Posted
Ocala Winter Celebration AA Ocala, FLMar 15 - Mar 20Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Gulf Coast Finale VI AA Pensacola, FLMar 16 - Mar 20Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Raleigh Indoors Spring Classic A Raleigh, NCMar 17 - Mar20Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
BRHJA Spring Premiere C Tryon, NCMar 19 - Mar 20Lewis Pack828-894-2721Posted
Beaver Creek Farm/EHA C Williamston, NCMar 19 - Mar 20Marlo King252-268-4144Posted
Ocala Championship A Ocala, FLMar 22 - Mar 27Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Atlanta Spring I AA Conyers, GAMar 22 - Mar 26Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Greensboro Spring I, II C Greensboro, NCMar 25 - Mar 26Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
Harmon Classics Spring C Camden, SCMar 25 - Mar 26Lewis Pack828-894-2721Posted
Atlanta Spring II AA Conyers, GAMar 30 - Apr 03Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
APRIL 2016
Triangle Farms Spring II C Raleigh, NCApr 01 -Apr 03Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Camden Spring Classic A Camden, SCApr 07 - Apr 10Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Tryon Spring 1 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Apr 07 - Apr 10Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCApr 09 - Apr 10Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
Hunter Haven Farm/EHA C Williamston, NCApr 9 - Apr 10Nancy Demus919-812-5250Posted
Jacksonville Spring I AA Jacksonville, FLApr 13 - Apr 17Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Tryon Spring 2 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)Apr 13 - Apr 17Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
PSJ Camden Spring Classic C Camden, SCApr 15 - Apr17Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Sharon Oaks Stables C Hillsborough, NCApr 17Kathy Orr919-414-5123Posted
Commonwealth National AA Culpeper, VAApr 20 - Apr 24Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Aiken Spring Classic I AA Aiken, SCApr 20 - Apr 24Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Jacksonville Spring II AA Jacksonville, FLApr 20 - Apr 24Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Triangle Farms Spring Fling C Raleigh, NCApr 22 - Apr 24Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCApr 23Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Aiken Spring Classic II AA Aiken, SCApr 27 - May 01Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Lexington Spring Premiere AA Lexington, VAApr 27 - May 01Leslie Brown540-460-2305Posted
Greensboro Spring I, II C Greensboro, NCApr 30 - May 01Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCApr 30 - May 01Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
MAY 2016
Lexington Spring Encore AA Lexington, VAMay 03 - May 06Leslie Brown540-460-2305Posted
Tryon Spring 3 A Tryon, NC (TIEC)May 04 - May 08Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Aiken Charity I A Aiken, SC (Bruce's Field)May 04 - May 08JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Sedgefield Horse Show A Greensboro, NCMay 05 - May 08Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
BRHJA Mother's Celebration C Tryon, NCMay 06 - May 08Lewis Pack828-894-2721Posted
Sharon Oaks Stables C Hillsborough, NCMay 08Kathy Orr919-414-5123Posted
Tryon Spring 4 A Tryon, NC (TIEC)May 11 - May 15Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Aiken Charity Horse Show II AA Aiken, SCMay 11 - May 15JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
James River Horse Show A Spotsylvania, VAMay 13 - May 15N. Henderson757-846-8176Posted
PSJ Spring C Aiken, SCMay 14 - May 15Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCMay 14Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Keswick Horse Show AA Keswick, VAMay 17 - May 22Marianna Wade540-520-5564Posted
Tryon Spring 5 AA Tryon, NCMay 18 - May 22Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Triangle Sandhills Spring A Raeford, NCMay 19 - May 22Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Carolina Starz C Camden, SCMay 21 - May 22Janet Black828-606-0708Posted
Tryon Spring 6 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)May 25 - May 29Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Greensboro Memorial Day C Greensboro, NCMay 28 - May 29Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
JUNE 2016
Tryon Spring 7 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)Jun 01 - Jun 05Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
EHA C Williamston, NCJun 04 - Jun 05Nancy Demus919-812-5250Posted
Sharon Oaks Stables C Hillsborough, NCJun 05Kathy Orr919-414-5123Posted
Tryon Spring 8 AA Tryon, NCJun 09 - Jun 12Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
PSJ Mullet Hall Summer C Johns Island, SCJun 11 - Jun 12Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCJun 11Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Atlanta Summer I AA Conyers, GAJun 15 - Jun 19Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Loudoun Benefit AA Upperville, VAJun 15 - Jun 19Jen Hicks828-230-7033Posted
Harmon Classics Derby Mania C Tryon, NCJun 17 - Jun 19Lewis Pack828-894-2721Posted
Greensboro June I,II C Greensboro, NCJun 18 - Jun 19Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
Old Homestead Farm C Rocky Point, NCJun 18Margaret Overby910-262-0246Posted
Roanoke Valley Horse Show A Lexington, VAJun 21 - Jun 26Andrew Ellis919-637-2958Posted
Atlanta Summer II AA Conyers, GAJun 22 - Jun 26Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Deep Run A Manakin-Sabot, VAJun 22 - Jun 26A. Whittemore804-677-5691Posted
PSJ Highfields C Aiken, SCJun 25 - Jun 26Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCJun 25 - Jun 26Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
NCHJA Annual Show AA Raleigh, NCJun 29 - Jul 03NCHJA Office919-538-4781Posted
JULY 2016
Showday National AA Culpeper, VAJul 06 - Jul 10Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Tryon Summer 2 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)Jul 06 - Jul 10Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
PSJ Camden Summer Classic C Camden, SCJul 09 - Jul 10Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCJul 09Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Charleston Summer I AA Charleston, SCJul 12 - Jul 16Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Cavalier Classic AA Culpeper, VAJul 13 - Jul 17Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Tryon Summer 3 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Jul 13 - Jul 17Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Greensboro MidSummer I,II C Greensboro NCJul 16 - Jul 17Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
PSJ Highfields C Aiken, SCJul 16 - Jul 17Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Charleston Summer II AA Charleston, SCJul 19 - Jul 23Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Posted
Tryon Summer 4 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Jul 20 - Jul 24Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Triangle Farms Summer I C Raleigh, NCJul 22 - Jul 24Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Camden Summer Classic C Camden, SCJul 23 - Jul 24Janet Black828-606-0708Posted
Blowing Rock Charity I AA Blowing Rock, NCJul 26 - Jul 31Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCJul 29 - Jul 30Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
Blowing Rock Charity II AA Blowing Rock, NCAug 03 - Aug 07Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
PSJ Back to School C Aiken, SCAug 06 - Aug 07Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Lexington National AA Lexington, VAAug 10 - Aug 14Leslie Brown540-460-2305Posted
Atlanta Summerfest I A Fairburn, GAAug 11 - Aug 14JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Tryon August 1 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Aug 11- Aug 14Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Harmon Classics Summer Fun C Camden, SCAug 13 - Aug 14Lewis Pack828-894-2721Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCAug 13Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Winston National AA Culpeper, VAAug 17 - Aug 21Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Tryon August 2 B Tyron, NC (TIEC)Aug 18 - Aug 21Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Atlanta Summerfest II A Fairburn, GAAug 18 - Aug 21JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Greensboro Late Summer C Greensboro, NCAug 20 - Aug 21Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
Stepping Stone III B Aiken, SCAug 20 - Aug 21Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Constitution Classic AA Culpeper, VAAug 24 - Aug 28Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Tryon August 3 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Aug 25 - Aug 28Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Atlanta Summerfest III A Fairburn, GAAug 25 - Aug 28JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Triangle Farms Summer II C Raleigh, NCAug 26 - Aug 28Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Bill Russell Memorial A Alpharetta, GASep 01 - Sep 04Elite Show Jumping678-858-7192Posted
Greensboro H/J Classic A Greensboro, NCSep 02 - Sep 04Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
Harmon Classics Labor Day C Tryon, NCSep 03 - Sep 04Lewis Pack828-894-2721Posted
Aiken Fall Festival I A Aiken, SCSep 08 - Sep 11JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCSep 10Shep Welles919-622-3487Posted
Sanctuary Farm/Otter Creek Stables with EHA C Williamston, NCSep 10 - Sep 11Nancy Demus919-812-5250Posted
Sharon Oaks Stables C Hillsborough, NCSep 11Kathy Orr919-414-5123Posted
Aiken Fall Festival II A Aiken, SCSep 15 - Sep 18JP Godard803-643-5698Posted
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCSep 17 - Sep 18Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533Posted
Tryon Fall 1 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Sep 21 - Sep 25Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Carolina Starz C Camden, SCSep 24 - Sep 25Janet Black828-606-0708Posted
Greensboro Derby Classic C Greensboro, NCSep 24 - Sep 25Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Posted
PSJ Mullet Hall Fall Classic C Johns Island, SCSep 24 - Sep 25Cathy Cram803-649-3505Posted
Culpeper Finals AA Culpeper, VASep 28 - Oct 02Ashley Mathers845-246-8833Posted
Tryon Fall 2 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)Sep 28 - Oct 02Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
Triangle Farms Fall Classic C Raleigh, NCSep 30 - Oct 02Joan Petty919-556-7321Posted
Tryon Fall 3 B Tryon, NC (TIEC)Oct 05 - Oct 09Sally Dunn828-863-1005Posted
NC State Fair AA Raleigh, NCOct 05 - Oct 09Sheri Bridges919-839-4701Posted
Tryon Fall 4 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)Oct 12 - Oct 16JP Godard803-643-5698
Greensboro Fall I,II C Greensboro, NCOct 15 - Oct 16Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313
PSJ Octoberfest C Tryon, NC (FENCE)Oct 15 - Oct 16Cathy Cram803-649-3505
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCOct 15 - Oct 16Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533
Hunter Haven Farm/Idle Fox Farm with EHA C Williamston, NCOct 15 - Oct 16Nancy Demus919-812-5250
Tryon Fall 5 AA Tryon, NC (TIEC)Oct 19 - Oct 23Sally Dunn828-863-1005Prize List
PSJ Aiken Fall Classic C Aiken, SCOct 22 - Oct 23Cathy Cram803-649-3505Prize List
Triton Stables C Raleigh, NCOct 22Shep Welles919-622-3487Prize List
Tryon Fall 6 AA Tryon, NC(TIEC)Oct 26 - Oct 30Sally Dunn828-863-1005Prize List
BRHJA Classic C Tryon, NC (FENCE)Oct 28 - Oct 30Lewis Pack828-894-2721Prize List
Greensboro Haunted Classic I,II C Greensboro, NCOct 29 - Oct 30Martin Schlaeppi336-822-4313Prize List
Triangle Farms Indoors / NCHJA Eq Finals C Raleigh, NCNov 04 - Nov 06Joan Petty919-556-7321Prize List
PSJ Finals C Aiken, SCNov 04 - Nov 06Cathy Cram803-649-3505Prize List
Duke | Jump for the Children AA Raleigh, NCNov 8 - Nov 13Joan Petty919-556-7321Prize List
Atlanta Fall I AA Conyers, GANov 09 - Nov 13Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Prize List
Camden Fall Classic C Camden, SCNov 12 - Nov 13Janet Black828-606-0708Prize List
RMI Raleigh Benefit AA Raleigh, NCNov 16 - Nov 20John Rush904-396-4106Prize List
Atlanta Fall II AA Conyers, GANov 16 - Nov 20Jonathan Rabon843-768-5503Prize List
Stepping Stone V B Aiken, SCNov 19 - Nov 20Cathy Cram803-649-3505
Triton Stables C ** CANCELLED **Nov 26Shep Welles919-622-3487*Canceled
December Classic I A Alpharetta, GADec 01 - Dec 04JP Godard803-643-5698
Aiken Fall Finale A Aiken, SCDec 01 - Dec 04JP Godard803-643-5698
Triangle Farms in the Sandhills C Raeford, NCDec 02 - Dec 04Joan Petty919-556-7321Prize List
Palmetto Derby & Medal Finals C Camden, SCDec 02 - Dec 04Ashlyn Bell803-257-1832
December Classic II A Alpharetta, GADec 08 - Dec 11JP Godard803-643-5698
Triangle Sandhills Holiday Classic A Raeford, NCDec 08 - Dec 11Joan Petty919-556-7321
Ocala Holiday Classic A Ocala, FLDec 14 - Dec 18Ashley Mathers845-246-8833
Trademark Stables C Apex, NCDec 17Jennifer Bryant919-349-1533
Ocala Holiday Festival A Ocala, FLDec 21 - Dec 25Ashley Mathers845-246-8833
Raleigh Indoors Holiday Classic A Raleigh, NCDec 28 - Dec 31Joan Petty919-556-7321
NCHJA 2016 Year End Banquet and Awards Ceremony Pinehurst, NCJan 14NCHJA Office919-538-4781
Raleigh Indoors Winter I A Raleigh, NCJan 26 - Jan 29Joan Petty919-556-7321
Raleigh Indoors Winter II A Raleigh, NCFeb 23 - Feb 26Joan Petty919-556-7321
MARCH 2017
Raleigh Indoors Spring Classic A Raleigh, NCMar 16 - Mar 19Joan Petty919-556-7321
APRIL 2017
MAY 2017
Triangle Sandhills Spring Classic A Raeford, NCMay 18 - May 21Joan Petty919-556-7321