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A Jumper Points

December 1, 2015 through November 30, 2016

To be eligible for jumper points the horse must be recorded with NCHJA and the owner must be a current NCHJA member.

Child Adult Jumper

Kiss Kissowned by: Sully Williams262
Miles to Cruiseowned by: Thomas Gobble199
Elbo VDLowned by: Angela Pollex156
Cristalloowned by: Kara Jones94
Conversation Pieceowned by: Kimberly Shovelin92
Rosemary Carowned by: Jennifer Chappell82
Rocket Zoneowned by: Maranda Schill70
Waloubetowned by: Anna Rhodes69
Money Spiderowned by: Diane Semer69
Aracinoowned by: Emily Pribula62
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ash58
Admirable Commanderowned by: Maranda Schill39
Bonfireowned by: Rachel Bergman35
Vento Di Cambiamentoowned by: EHM Equestrian28
Tumbling Diceowned by: Five Henry Stables25
Donderowned by: EHM Equestrian15
Uptown Girlowned by: Anna Rhodes15
FTR Sensaowned by: Chloe Pacyna9
Life in Colorowned by: Jessica West8
SVS Belladonnaowned by: Catherine Williams6
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe5
Bewitchedowned by: Nolan Thompson4
Joe Saltim Zowned by: Wynter Johnson4
Caprioso 2owned by: Darby Pease2
Miradorowned by: Townsend Farm1

Junior Amateur Owner

Philadelphia 54owned by: Laura Gaither12136
Kasarrowned by: Erin McGuire5840
Miss Douglasowned by: Sarah Vossers3640
Dyonowned by: Rebecca Bergman3020
Bonfireowned by: Rachel Bergman1842
Cymphonyowned by: Bailey Imbus1230
Vento Di Cambiamentoowned by: EHM Equestrian385
FTR Sensaowned by: Chloe Pacyna153