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A Medal Points

June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015

Are you a current NCHJA Member? You are not eligible to compete in the Medal Finals if you are not a 2015 NCHJA member as of May 31st. Please check your membership by clicking the Members option above.

E.J. Haun

Elizabeth McKim70
Kendall Mashburn55
Isabelle Song42
Maddy Parker38
Ashley Parker37
Kendall Edwards36
Darby Cole34
Caroline Weaver32
Katherine Stoller32
Bethany Garrison30
Darby Pease29
Emily Pribula27
Caroline Kornegay26
Kathleen Fritz23
Carson Powell19
Emma Covington17
Caroline Fuller15
Emma Boggess14
Katie Hay14


Dawson Amick30
Sydney Monckton25
Isabella Cheers21
Chloe Mechling17

Bryan Jones

Erin Dombroski51
Brenda Terry46
Courtney Canizares42
Jennifer Galloway38
Chelsea Carter Whyte37
Ashley Rose36
Rachel Bethea34


Sheridan Johnson40
Morgan Matlaga35
Amelia Zahn30
Lauren Binns27
Sydney Johnson26
Katherine Dalberth25
Logan Fogleman25
Gabrielle Strigel24
Ashlen Rowe23
Amelia Wright17
Lisa Esch16