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A Points

December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017

To be eligible for hunter points the horse must be recorded with NCHJA and the owner must be a current NCHJA member. To be eligible for equitation points the rider must be a current NCHJA member. * Shows are marked 'posted' on calendar page when complete. Click here to view A-Show point calculations.

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Short Stirrup

Green Pony

Small Pony

Picturesque Knick Knackowned by: Parker Mechling109
Clovermeade Razzbunnyowned by: Linen Owens105

Medium Pony

Astro Boyowned by: Elle Gibbs226
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade82
Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owens61

Large Pony

Occhioowned by: Elle Gibbs185
Foxmor Starstruckowned by: Dawson Amick168

Childrens Pony

Pre Child/Adult

Childrens 14 and Under

Childrens 15 to 17

Reliantowned by: Jordan Sigmon97
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski70

Small Junior

Large Junior

Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski155
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney117
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell77

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz106

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz148
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz91

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Pre Green 3 Foot

Pre Green 3 foot 3

First Year Green Working

Second Year Green Working

Green Conformation

High Performance Hunter

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz91

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Childrens Pony Equitation

Short Stirrup Equitation

11 and Under Equitation

12 to 14 Equitation

Maya Stolle19

15 to 17 Equitation