Small Horse Image

A Points

December 1, 2013 through November 30, 2014

Short Stirrup

Top Notch Tivioowned by: Jessie Spade1089
City Limitsowned by: Wynter Johnson1004

Green Pony

Play It Loudowned by: Fallyn Belcastro1270
Captain Americaowned by: Grace Angelino1138
Stoneledge Special Requestowned by: Madison Syfert832
Hibiskissowned by: Jaimee Rosenthal771
Helicon Stowawayowned by: Raeann Jones662
The Kiss that Missedowned by: Megan Rosenthal636
Champlain Shortcakesowned by: Grayson Shelton606
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers571
Woodlands Oliviaowned by: Caroline Fuller519
Golden Opportunityowned by: Maria Hackney510
Hill Farm Swanowned by: Leslie Stuber505
Wynnbrook Pocket of Pearlsowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson456
Champlain Kazooowned by: Leslie Stuber432
Bazingaowned by: Celia Cram303
Done in Rubiesowned by: Adison Rice248
Finest Feather by Farowned by: Tally Ho Equestrian228
Bracewoods Sir Landonowned by: Victoria Waugh222
Pepperwood Picassoowned by: Lexi Townsend188
Strawberry Fieldsowned by: Zoe Phillips119
Piece of Workowned by: Amelia Zahn97
Northwind Maradonaowned by: Jordyn Holcomb82
Woodlands Conwayowned by: Kara Graves57

Small Pony

Q-2owned by: Libbie Gordon1341
Goldfishowned by: Isabella DiBenedetto1048
Hillcrest Blue Banditowned by: Elle Gibbs208
Champlain Shortcakesowned by: Grayson Shelton188
The Loraxowned by: Fairy Tale Farms121

Medium Pony

Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers718
Petunia Maeowned by: Katherine Buhrer521
Sweet Teaowned by: Lauren Orfinik493
Lakeview Laddieowned by: Amelia Zahn490
Its All Goodowned by: Elly Ficca435
Daisy Due Blueowned by: Shelton Houser424
Wynnbrook Pocket of Pearlsowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson335
Orchard Hills Fine By Meowned by: Zoe Phillips259
Star Struckowned by: Eleanor Linsz211
Bazingaowned by: Celia Cram189
Captain Americaowned by: Grace Angelino184
Roaring Run Blue Ramblerowned by: Haley Redifer137
Arkadyowned by: Madison Meek130
Rollingwoods Sticky Situationowned by: Caroline Weaver99

Large Pony

Tantallon Co Captainowned by: Cecilia DAmore1798
Brighton Adamantlyowned by: Briar Field Farm1268
Deal Me Inowned by: Caroline Weaver1068
Secret Gardenowned by: Darprin Enterprises868
Kinda Funnyowned by: Theresa Tolar855
Echoowned by: Kara Jones755
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Bullard481
Celtic Creek Golden Nuggetowned by: Lindsay Milligan393
Wesmoores Tangled Up In Blueowned by: Jessica West384
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantat383
Celtics Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Erin Dombroski340
Knock My Socks Offowned by: Angela Pollex334
Foxmor Starstruckowned by: Dawson Amick322
Stoneledge Special Requestowned by: Madison Syfert320
Spilt Milkowned by: Sydney Monckton316
Orions Diamond Aceowned by: Jessica West210
Hibiskissowned by: Megan Rosenthal99

Childrens Pony

All That Razzowned by: Isabelle Song544
Jakuse Deponaowned by: Hannah Zahn538
Ziggy Stardustowned by: Laurie Occhipinti524
Little Manowned by: Sydney Johnson476
Knock My Socks Offowned by: Angela Pollex315
Cute as a Buttonowned by: Anna Linsz309
Little Surfer Girlowned by: Madelyn Vantiem232
Training Wheelsowned by: Madison Syfert122
Daisy Due Blueowned by: Shelton Houser105
Brookside Laureateowned by: Summer Sadler93

Pre Child/Adult

Clark Kentowned by: Becky Golden652
Poker Faceowned by: Mackenzie Ashe191
Bewitchedowned by: Nolan Thompson185
Stellarowned by: Shirley Murphy147
Chanelowned by: Isabelle Song137
Authentic Goldowned by: Kendall Woodlief125
Rainy Night in Georgiaowned by: Bridget Dieter108
Island Lifeowned by: Rachel Paradise103
Je Taimeowned by: Sydney Orr95

Childrens 14 and Under

Honor Councilowned by: Nancy Wilson1190
Tobolskowned by: Madison Meek890
Keiraowned by: Jacinda Purrington836
Chanelowned by: Isabelle Song743
Toulouseowned by: Coleman Holland484
Broadwayowned by: Helen Ulrich402
On Demandowned by: Allison Elowski225
Vegasowned by: Teresa Sutter215
Abstract Artowned by: Madison Matthews186
Sophiaowned by: Kendall Edwards169
Bond Streetowned by: Rebecca Bergman142
Graf Goldowned by: Laura Barkley99
Mer Soleilowned by: Christina Webb61

Childrens 15 to 17

Linaroowned by: Janel Prescott629
Hall Effectowned by: Cheyenne Ortega289
Winter Romanceowned by: Meredith McDuffie280
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula262
Annapolisowned by: Michelle Downs213
Tullamore Dewowned by: Jennifer Boyle212
Houdiniowned by: Carson Powell204
Righteousowned by: Zander Lichacz187
Pax Romanaowned by: Peyton Carter155
Outer Banksowned by: Grace Burud152
Calistoowned by: Alexandra Dow118
Special Requestowned by: Emma Covington117
Billy Elliottowned by: Liana Zalutsky96
Can't Keep a Secretowned by: Hannah Eyerman93
Ritzenhoffowned by: Amy Carter58

Small Junior

Lions Shareowned by: Cecilia DAmore1867
Cool Musicowned by: Megan Rosenthal911
Hopscotchowned by: Gracie Hearne107

Large Junior

Bethels Periowned by: Grace Howard1299
Loverboyowned by: Claudia Pollex1109
Corleoneowned by: Bethany Garrison454
Phantom Furyowned by: Remington Brandl436
Moonrakerowned by: Kathleen Fritz173
FTR Sensaowned by: Chloe Pacyna101

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Quintessentialowned by: Elizabeth McKim1469
Luxuriousowned by: Alexandra Gilbertson723
Sophiaowned by: Kendall Edwards614
Above the Normowned by: Hannah Nedzbala211
Fernhill Westinowned by: Haley Redifer176
Crackowned by: Darby Cole115

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Poetic Justisowned by: Brooke Cole1241
Hand it Overowned by: Kimberly Graves1011
Sobrietyowned by: Christine Ryan1011
Innsbrookowned by: Mike Rosser382
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire381
Port of Callowned by: Ashley Montaquila322
Graf Goldowned by: Laura Barkley262
Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex211
Montserratowned by: Keith Hastings175
Padji DEosowned by: Caroline Waugh133
Norway De La Fosseowned by: Lydia Jobe126
Vignetteowned by: Christina Webb115
MTM Cashowned by: Brie Tiffany34
Taylor Madeowned by: Katherine Robinson10

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe473
Renaissance Manowned by: Ashley Kerr338
San Remoowned by: Jacinda Purrington295
Chaunceyowned by: Heather Hawkins-Shaffer277
Buttonwoodowned by: Alexander Laurent166
Wish Listowned by: Diane Wade132

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Resilientowned by: Alisa Berry400

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Mer Soleilowned by: Christina Webb748
Piperowned by: Kim Shuler697
Divineowned by: Brie Tiffany580
Moon Riverowned by: Benita Cozzens423
Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex423
Rio Del Solowned by: Katherine Beale417
Worthyowned by: Kristin Hair334
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow275
Dance on Airowned by: Sandra Savage264
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel240
Louieowned by: Michael Connaghan210
Graf Goldowned by: Laura Barkley174
Bonavorowned by: Diane Semer111

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire1198
O.C.owned by: Meadow Hill Stables237
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow115

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz1601

Pre Green 3 Foot

Crowd Pleazarrowned by: C. Blair Spencer455
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins395
Poems, Prayers, and Promisesowned by: Rylee Rosenthal156
MTM Cashowned by: Brie Tiffany63
Rainy Night in Georgiaowned by: Bridget Dieter60

Pre Green 3 foot 3

Tobolskowned by: Madison Meek486
Next in Lineowned by: Nancy Merritt352
Playing Hookyowned by: Karen Robinson307
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula265
Buttonwoodowned by: Alexander Laurent77
Phaedraowned by: Kathleen Gurley70
Nevadaowned by: Teresa Sutter57

First Year Green Working

Limited Editionowned by: Frances Porter1204
Crackowned by: Darby Cole221
Moon Riverowned by: Benita Cozzens121
Phantom Furyowned by: Remington Brandl46
Mer Soleilowned by: Christina Webb35

Second Year Green Working

Nobska Pointowned by: Sarah Boudreau294

Green Conformation

High Performance Hunter

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Piperowned by: Kim Shuler699
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe541
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel232
Mer Soleilowned by: Christina Webb188
Corleoneowned by: Bethany Garrison187
Walk the Lineowned by: Nancy Merritt185
Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex174
FTR Sensaowned by: Chloe Pacyna173
Cool Musicowned by: Megan Rosenthal136
Cover Artowned by: Darprin Enterprises104
Bethels Periowned by: Grace Howard69
Chanelowned by: Isabelle Song59
Limited Editionowned by: Frances Porter52
Hop Scotchowned by: Gracie Hearne39
Divineowned by: Brie Tiffany35
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow31

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Walk the Lineowned by: Nancy Merritt474
Moonrakerowned by: Kathleen Fritz145
Quintessentialowned by: Elizabeth McKim110
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire86

Childrens Pony Equitation

Summer Sadler120
Sydney Johnson68
Madelyn VanTiem53
Hannah Zahn53
Charlotte Cates19
Haley Redifer19

Short Stirrup Equitation

Wynter Johnson285
Jessie Spade239

11 and Under Equitation

Caroline Holland108
Celia Cram44
Isabella Cheers29

12 to 14 Equitation

Elizabeth McKim478
Carly Hoft161
Coleman Holland146
Isabelle Song90
C. Blair Spencer51
Elizabeth Barkley48
Lekha Ramachandran47
Maddy Parker46
Grayson Shelton30
Madison Matthews20

15 to 17 Equitation

Kathleen Fritz134
Grace Howard88
Chloe Pacyna71
Addison Byrd67
Emma Richardson59
Emily Pribula49
Grace Burud44
Megan Rosenthal42
Caitlin Heilferty36
Skye Deitelbaum21