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A Points

December 1, 2015 through November 30, 2016

To be eligible for hunter points the horse must be recorded with NCHJA and the owner must be a current NCHJA member. To be eligible for equitation points the rider must be a current NCHJA member.
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Short Stirrup

Mercuryowned by: Kathryn Hendrickson156
Up 2 Neverlandowned by: Ava Loverso51

Green Pony

Timelessowned by: Ponies Express LLC258
Face Valueowned by: Charlotte Black248
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Hannah242
Forget Me Notowned by: Medelyn Van Tiem210
Greymeadows Ginger Snapowned by: Morgan Cook165
Foxmor Wigglesworthowned by: GC Ponies148
Lets Fly Ladybugowned by: Jenna Nelson145
Woodlands Boo Boo Bearowned by: Ann Patterson Sparks119
Miles to Cruiseowned by: Thomas Gobble50
Highlifes Lamborghiniowned by: Alessandra Beese13

Small Pony

With Applauseowned by: Jessie Spade208
Glenhaven Astoriaowned by: Parker Peacock120
Training Wheelsowned by: Gabriella Neeld16

Medium Pony

Astro Boyowned by: Elle Gibbs356
Kutchenowned by: Jenna Nelson206
Bazingaowned by: Elizabeth Cram182
For Narniaowned by: Audrey Sydnor176
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers134
Saved by the Bellaowned by: Gabrielle Sousa82
Coal in my Stocking RSHowned by: Meagan Bennett78
Finest Feather by Farowned by: Emma Hicks74

Large Pony

Champlain Sovereignowned by: The HIll Farm215
Timelessowned by: Ponies Express LLC155
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Spangle125
Wesmoores Tangled Up in Blueowned by: Eva Hammer103
Brownie Pointsowned by: Lauren Sear81
Celtics Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Sophia Mitchell81
Foxmor Silk Pocketowned by: Dawson Amick76
Mapleside Midasowned by: Andrea Guzinski74
Champlain Rowboatowned by: Ponies Express LLC65

Childrens Pony

Play It Loudowned by: Fallyn Belcastro168
Ever So Cleverowned by: Andrea Guzinski154
Romeoowned by: Andrea Guzinski126
Farnley Snow Whiteowned by: Katelyn Martin122
Coal in My Stocking RSHowned by: Meagan Bennett90
Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owen81
Woodlands Mr. Mischiefowned by: Briarfield Farm75
Woodlands Doodle Bugowned by: Sydney Beese69

Pre Child/Adult

Internet IIowned by: Celia Cram205
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle174
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black172
Miss Waldorfowned by: Remy Deitelbaum158
So Be Itowned by: Patty Heuckeroth151
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu105
Aproposowned by: Cedarhill Farm86
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli85
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives84
Repeat After Meowned by: Catherine Pollard69
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson68

Childrens 14 and Under

Limited Editionowned by: Sheridan Johnson120

Childrens 15 to 17

Acovibuowned by: Mary Helen Earp199
Berkeleyowned by: Erica Rose73
Hopscotchowned by: Joey Barley55

Small Junior

Fernhill Westinowned by: Haley Redifer175
Joyfulowned by: Kara Jones172
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables148

Large Junior

Pegamentoowned by: Andrea Guzinski184
Monumentalowned by: Madison Syfert123

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Pegamentoowned by: Andrea Guzinski231
Del Pieroowned by: Kalli Meagher168
Hey Sailorowned by: Lekha Ramachandran133
Rotspunowned by: Mary Margaret Overby127
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney125
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell123
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables105
Stetsonowned by: Emma Chapman99
Mandolayowned by: Diana Cummings81
Capicua Zowned by: Mary Margaret Overby61

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Landos Silver Tear Dropowned by: Ponies Express LLC202
Wakefieldowned by: Rachel Bethea175

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Devonowned by: Joey Barley254
Heartthrobowned by: Kim Cummings172
Isaacowned by: Amelia Zahn141
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle117
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe87

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Never Say Neverowned by: Patty Heuckeroth176
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle80
Gallagherowned by: Lucy Rutter78

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex220
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel175
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay135
Stand and Deliverowned by: Ashley Brien106
Hey Nowowned by: Stacey Ingram86
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway80

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Boss Bentleyowned by: Ashley Hurteau101

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz168

Pre Green 3 Foot

Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu107
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson86
Little Rockowned by: Hanna Greene82
Romantic Tiaraowned by: Fairy Tale Farms79
Miss Waldorfowned by: Remy Deitelbaum38

Pre Green 3 foot 3

Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black360
Montblancowned by: Aleksandra Woodward249
Zarrageousowned by: Deborah Kline201
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski87
Possibilitiesowned by: Patty Heuckeroth77
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins75

First Year Green Working

Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle242
Boss Bentleyowned by: Ashley Hurteau182
Pacificoowned by: Elizabeth McClintic117
Allegoryowned by: Sarah Nash110

Second Year Green Working

Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms351
Diplomatowned by: Ashley Lovegrove291
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle214

Green Conformation

High Performance Hunter

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Pacificoowned by: Elizabeth McClintic232
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel186
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney83
Del Pieroowned by: Kalli Meagher71
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables57
Mandolayowned by: Diana Cummings55
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay46
Landos Silver Tear Dropowned by: Ponies Express LLC19

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Walk the Lineowned by: Nancy Merritt435
Tumbling Diceowned by: Five Henry Stables100
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables97
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway32
Monumentalowned by: Madison Syfert32

Childrens Pony Equitation

Fallyn Belcastro24
Livia Loverso19
Amelia Zahn16
Sydney Beese13

Short Stirrup Equitation

Sally Watkins39
Ava Loverso18

11 and Under Equitation

Morgan Cook59
Erica Felder46
Jessie Spade40
Ada Catherine Hays33

12 to 14 Equitation

Sheridan Johnson18

15 to 17 Equitation

Rawleigh Harris37
Wynne Weatherly34
Coleman Holland31
Emily Orrell26
Caroline Kornegay23
Jordan Spinelli13