NCHJA | Anja McCubbin

A Points

December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017

To be eligible for hunter points the horse must be recorded with NCHJA and the owner must be a current NCHJA member. To be eligible for equitation points the rider must be a current NCHJA member. * Shows are marked 'posted' on calendar page when complete. Click here to view A-Show point calculations.

Short Stirrup

My First Flowerowned by: Sophie Bray157
MyWishowned by: Elizabeth Bodin128
Lee Hill Riptideowned by: Fairy Tale Farms113
Short Storyowned by: Olivia Golden87
Tin Manowned by: Townsend Farm80
Loafers Lodge Icemanowned by: Savannah Welch76
Along Came A Spiderowned by: Karen Bruce73
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Crawford66
Farnley Byronowned by: Catherine Cram53
Sweet Escapeowned by: Sheridan Johnson32
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Savannah Welch17

Green Pony

Exuberanceowned by: Madeline Rubin511
Picturesque Wishful Thinkowned by: Robert Millet454
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade358
Empire's Onyxowned by: Joe White244
Champlaom Sera Finaowned by: Amanda Stuber215
Bed Hed Nedowned by: Glenair Farm213
Ollie Oopowned by: Katherine Smith178
Woodlands Doodle Bugowned by: Sydney Beese175
Stoneledge Just My Styleowned by: Jessica West166
Let's Fly Ladybugowned by: Jenna Nelson162
Spoonful Of Sugarowned by: Logan Crouser157
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin152
Escapades Fancy Pantsowned by: Claire Peters151
CRF Casanovaowned by: CRF Equestrian119
Prime Colorsowned by: Kimberly Shovelin118
Aint That A Kickowned by: Karen Bruce110
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes85
Midnight Memoriesowned by: Natalie Tuinstra83
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Douthit73
Sequola Lane's Cajun Spicowned by: Rebecca Ives73
Woodlands Raindrops On Rosesowned by: Taylor Price57

Small Pony

Glenhaven Astoriaowned by: Parker Peacock1515
With Applauseowned by: Jessie Spade786
I Candyowned by: Megan D'Amico585
Picturesque Knick Knackowned by: Parker Mechling276
Farnley Byronowned by: Catherine Cram156
Penelope Cruisin'owned by: Madeline Rubin123
Sequoia Lane's Cajunowned by: Rebecca Ives122
Champlain Shortcakesowned by: Amanda Stuber118
Clovermeade Razzbunnyowned by: Linen Owens105
Hidden Springs Fennelowned by: Dianne Randolph100

Medium Pony

Dipped In Chocolateowned by: Catherine Cram898
Kutchenowned by: Jenna Nelson570
Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owens404
Finest Feather By Farowned by: Emma Hicks348
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers347
All Your Dreamsowned by: Katelyn Martin269
When In Roanowned by: Briar Field Farm, LLC247
Makloudowned by: Lanie Rubin241
Astro Boyowned by: Elle Gibbs226
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade226
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Lafforthun204
Gleymeadows Ginger Snapowned by: Morgan Cook186
Beatrix Potterowned by: Morgan Ashby109
Woodlands Boo Boo Bearowned by: Ann Patterson Sparks89
Gayfields Easy Buttonowned by: Andrea Guzinski75
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes73
Rollingwoods Sticky Bunsowned by: Gabriella Tekampe36
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Douthit13

Large Pony

Champlain Sovereignowned by: The Hill Farm1238
Foxmor Starstruckowned by: Dawson Amick923
Timelessowned by: Victoria Haynes638
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary Hunter Millet442
Baby I Was Born This Wayowned by: Cooper Batis403
Occhioowned by: Elle Gibbs363
Crocodile Rockowned by: Grace Plumb284
Pardon My Zipperowned by: Emma Hodes250
Wellon Goldsmithowned by: Savannah Jenkins241
Orions Diamond Aceowned by: Jessica West232
Hidden Springs Linusowned by: Dianne Randolph190
Debonairowned by: Naia Tappa177
Forget Me Notowned by: Medelyn Van Tiem163
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Spangle156
My Sweet Dreamsowned by: Savannah Roberts148
Sugarbrook West Pointowned by: Gabrielle Sousa105
Celtics Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Alexandra Ryden104
Mapleside Knight Spotowned by: Emma Gurley81
Stonehengeowned by: Remy Deitelbaum73
Top Notch Peek-A-Booowned by: Kenley Batts62

Childrens Pony

Kid Rockowned by: Wendy Peralta316
Brownie Pointsowned by: Ava Loverso308
Miss Money Pennyowned by: Amelia Turner279
Just My Styleowned by: Davenport Hatcher278
For Narniaowned by: Audrey Sydnor265
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantat 187
Arkadyowned by: Ashleigh Colantuoni185
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Crawford175
Just Jackowned by: Hadley Crawford152
All Yoursowned by: Jessie Spade148
Seaborne's Telltaleowned by: Sarah Nelson148
SF Periwinkleowned by: Gracie Edmundson123
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Spangle115
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Hannah Rothberg99
Celtic's Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Erin Dombroski93
Celtic Creek's Almost IRIowned by: Anna Rhodes88
Highlife's Lamborghiniowned by: Alessandra Besse68
Scooby-Dooowned by: Laurie Rives68

Low Child

Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives290
Markeloowned by: Brooke Cole204
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle161
Atrevidoowned by: Kendall Cashion159
Brookhavenowned by: Amelia Wright150
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski149
Benji VDLowned by: Meghan Griggs112
Ritzenhoffowned by: Savannah Hutto100
Abstract Artowned by: Avery Matthews96
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth89
Decafeowned by: Nick Alberti89
Delilahowned by: Jenna Nelson77
Jasperowned by: Molly Roberts66
Waco Wacoowned by: Kim Struglinski56
Alpine's Poppyowned by: Mary Baum35

Low Adult

Czech Pleaseowned by: Leon Lissette306
Markeloowned by: Brooke Cole204
Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz168
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder161
Brookhavenowned by: Amelia Wright150
Benji VDLowned by: Meghan Griggs112
Ritzenhoffowned by: Savannah Hutto100
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth89
Kinsaleowned by: Heather Conder80
Delilahowned by: Jenna Nelson77
Waco Wacoowned by: Kim Struglinski56
Abstract Artowned by: Avery Matthews52
Tio Pete Carowned by: Lorrie Winkler52
Corettoowned by: Jacinda Purrington49
Alpine's Poppyowned by: Mary Baum35

Childrens 14 and Under

Internet IIowned by: Charlotte Black907
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice149
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black125
Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell124
Begin The Danceowned by: Libby Bertelsen92
Beau Kowned by: Emily Grace Thomas85
Lucianoowned by: Caroline Bradley82
Throwback Thursdayowned by: Sophie Hauptmann78
Cakebreadowned by: Patrice Schreiber18

Childrens 15 to 17

Reliantowned by: Jordan Sigmon580
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu334
Jet Streamowned by: Olivia Williams288
Baysideowned by: Sarah Page Steffens284
First Classowned by: Katelyn North254
Happiness Isowned by: Spur Creek252
Plushowned by: Claire Steffens207
Lime Zestowned by: Courtney Lefebvre181
Superlativeowned by: Grace Owens169
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski167
As You Wishowned by: Haley Rogers133
Radjah'Datowned by: Jordan Sigmon130
Masonboroowned by: Elizabeth Paul123
Emmalineowned by: Rylee Rosenthal114
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb106
Picturesque EFowned by: Madelyn Van Tiem99
Pegamentoowned by: Andrea Guzinski85
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski82
Jimmy Chooowned by: Katherine Dalberth77
Rainy NIght In Georgiaowned by: Claire Steffens75
Iron I Stellarowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson41
Diamantowned by: Regan White35

Small Junior

Timoteoowned by: EFM Equestrian 893
Pick Sixowned by: Lekha Ramachandran742
Goldplayowned by: Noble Stride Consulting87

Large Junior

Chapter Three Zowned by: Fallyn Belcastro789
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney705
Nightfallowned by: Jessie Spade468
Baylorowned by: Chris Wynne468
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian434
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell413
Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski393
Novel Towned by: Fairy Tale Farms304
Narniaowned by: Lauren Hunt282
Londonowned by: Linsday Milligan211
Guest Of Honorowned by: Nolan Thompson164
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp149
Alchemistowned by: Beverly Davis127
Black Keysowned by: Five Henry Stables111
Sound Czechowned by: Rebecca Konrad96
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables90
Vegasowned by: Teresa Sutter87
SRF Milesowned by: MacKenzie Ashe60
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ashe57

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Stetsonowned by: Rebecca Cooley450
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert449
Toulouseowned by: Coleman Holland445
Sonomaowned by: Haley Barnes392
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb357
Mandolayowned by: Grace Owens286
Solsburyowned by: Madison Matthews277
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards273
Sound Czechowned by: Olivia Murray267
Reigning Parfaitowned by: Peyton Carrington240
Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith225
Crowd Pleazarrowned by: C. Blair Spencer202
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song194
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli183
Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp100
Rio Ultimoowned by: Craig Allen Don Sheehan92
Cortonowned by: Hope King89
Velvet Affairowned by: Kayla Hudnell68

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex408
Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray324
Keiraowned by: Courtney Canizares314
Sirahowned by: Meredith Crawford253
In Unisonowned by: Courtney Canizares207
Manhattanowned by: Margaret Holly King204
ButAlexandertonwoodowned by: Laurent 203
Trouvailleowned by: Janet Lyon95
Ego Tripowned by: Sabrina Welch74
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice68
Applewoodowned by: Brianne Burkhardt50
Corettoowned by: Alexis Smith35
Izzoowned by: Madison Bullard28

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Yesterdayowned by: Kimberly Boutin259
Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz106
Nauticalowned by: Meredith Huddle104
Touch Of Sunowned by: Stacie Winslow97
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds96

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Poetic Justisowned by: Brooke Cole889
Toltecowned by: Vicki Autry552
Quintageowned by: Sandra Savage341
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle166
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe109
Chechessee Circleowned by: Joan Alberti70

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole1035
Lover Boyowned by: Claudia Pollex607
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith309
Glable Stoneowned by: Diane Semer213
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz202
Tour Guideowned by: Kailey Johnson182
Little Boy Balouowned by: Ashely Hurteau180
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat171
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels170
Montblancowned by: Aleksandra Woodward170
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway168
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding162
Manhattanowned by: Holly King128
Buttonwoodowned by: Alexander Laurent123
Hey Nowowned by: Stacey Ingram122
Castelliowned by: Khaki Run LLC112
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song105
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel77
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula68
Testarosaowned by: Olivia Wilson59

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire267
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger148
Testarosaowned by: Olivia Williams117
Boss's Bentleyowned by: Ashely Hurteau70

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz340
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens148

Green Hunter 3 Foot

Supurlativeowned by: Grace Owens550
Decollageowned by: Aleksandra Woodard265
First Classowned by: Katelyn North169
Willowowned by: Andrea Guzinski146
Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell100
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives90
Plumb Lineowned by: Sarah McMerty14

Green Hunter 3 foot 3

Silver Liningowned by: Valerie Strothmeyer768
Sirahowned by: Meredith Douthit294
Colgateowned by: Cannon Thomas203
FVF Divaowned by: Fox View Farm 132
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert117
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives88
Sertainlyowned by: Meredith Douthit77
Easy Come Easy Goowned by: Sarah McMerty39

Green Hunter 3 foot 6

Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merrit921
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding701
Trouvailleowned by: Janet Lyon577
C. Theodoreowned by: Cannon Thomas98
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards47
Sirahowned by: Meredith Douthit46
Gable Stoneowned by: Diane Semer33

Green Hunter 3 foot 9

Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian112

Green Conformation

Baylorowned by: Chris Wynne1014
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms 594
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz197
Goldplyowned by: Noble Stride Consult 109
Little Boy Balouowned by: Ashley Hurteau96
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards90
C. Theodoreowned by: Thomas Cannon76

High Performance Hunter

Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian195
Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms156
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle135

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Walk The LIneowned by: Nancy Merritt379
Mandolayowned by: Grace Owens299
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire235
Zetterbergowned by: Townsend Farm218
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz198
Bonjourowned by: Claudia Fass174
Plushowned by: Claire Steffens157
Sonomaowned by: Haleu Barnes117
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe115
Sirahowned by: Meredith Douthit114
San Patriano IIowned by: Michelle Beck101
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat99
Guest Of Honorowned by: Nolan Thompson89
Grandeurowned by: Madison Syfert89
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels88
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black85
Don't Tellowned by: Kyl Roeber81
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song81
Londonowned by: Lindsay Milligan76
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens73
Uncle Lucowned by: Reflections Farm72
Black Keysowned by: Five Henry Stables43
Amariowned by: Triangle Farms, Inc34
Starring Roleowned by: Kara Jackson-Michalski28
Quaterbackowned by: Kendall Edwards26
Adoreowned by: Hannah Smith19

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Brunswickowned by: Mary Helen Earp312
Margotowned by: Jennifer Boyle222
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway216
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat191
Devotedowned by: Victoria Skelding176
Diplomatowned by: Ashley Lovegrove146
Cakewalkowned by: Elise Ledsinger131
Novel Towned by: Fariy Tale Farms128
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables101
Zetterbergowned by: Jacinda Purrington96
Trouvailleowned by: Janet Lyon86
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire83
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian69
Timoteoowned by: EHM Equestrian28
Umbertoowned by: Emma Covington12

Childrens Pony Equitation

McKenzie Clayton55
Ava Loverso35
Ashleigh Colantuoni32
Sydney Beese28
Elise Hamel28
Alexandra Ryden23

Short Stirrup Equitation

Kolbie Watson93
Ava Jacobs75
Gracie Gore55
Ashley Wallace44
Bray Belle35
Avery Johnson31
Sally Ives29
Savannah Welch28
Madelyn Godard14

11 and Under Equitation

Lanie Rubin115
Jessie Spade112
Sally Ives82
Amelia Turner81
Ashleigh Colantuoni76
Wesley Smith57
Davenport Hatcher54
Alana Duffy51
Madeline Rubin48
Alexandra Ryden41
Bray Belle36
Katelyn Martin22

12 to 14 Equitation

Celia Cram317
Charlotte Black103
Sophie Hauptmann75
Caroline Holland73
Alexa She McCoy72
Libby Bertelsen35
Haley Barnes26
Molly Roberts23
Savannah Hutto21
Rachel Bort18
Katherine Smith15
Sophie Bray15

15 to 17 Equitation

Olivia Albright239
Elizabeth McKim178
Amelia Zahn150
Jessica West147
Robert Mones121
MacKenzie Ashe116
Lauren Hunt98
Helen Ulrich92
Abigail Hopkins70
Isabelle Song68
Coleman Holland59
Mackenzie Suffy56
Haley Barnes51
Jessica Konopinski51
Maya Stolle45
eitelgaum D38
Madelyn Van Tiem38
Beverly Davis31
Hope King23
Mackenzie Hudson13