NCHJA | Anja McCubbin

A Points

December 1, 2015 through November 30, 2016

To be eligible for hunter points the horse must be recorded with NCHJA and the owner must be a current NCHJA member. To be eligible for equitation points the rider must be a current NCHJA member. * Shows are marked 'posted' on calendar page when complete. Click here to view A-Show point calculations.

Short Stirrup

Bedtime Storyowned by: Ava Loverso1102
Top Notch Tivioowned by: McKenna Newton801
Farnley Cribbageowned by: Kim Cummings292
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantat277
Mercuryowned by: Kathryn Hendrickson207
Seabornes Telltaleowned by: Hunter Riley204
City Limitsowned by: Wynter Johnson202
Farnley Byronowned by: Cathy Cram185
Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owens183
Aproposowned by: Andrea Guzinski161
Tio Pete Carowned by: Lorrie Winkler160
Caraway Charlotteowned by: Davenport Hatcher158
Along Came A Spiderowned by: Karen Bruce155
Wesmoores Watch Me Nowowned by: Caroline Hancock153
Radjah Datowned by: Greer Freeman130
Stonehengeowned by: Remy Deitelbaum86
Done In Rubiesowned by: Adison Rice83
Tin Manowned by: Ponies Express LLC60
Bed Head Nedowned by: Marissa Santaniello57
My First Flowerowned by: Sophie Bray57
Skip to the Rightowned by: Andrea Guzinski51
Up 2 Neverlandowned by: Ava Loverso51
Loafers Lodge Icemanowned by: Savannah Welch42
Double Stuffedowned by: Parker Peacock22
Beach Cruiserowned by: Skye Deitelbaum15

Green Pony

Foxmor Wigglesworthowned by: GC Ponies1535
Forget Me Notowned by: Medelyn Van Tiem1187
Champlain Greyowned by: Chloe Mechling1049
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade958
Timelessowned by: Ponies Express LLC832
Greymeadows Ginger Snapowned by: Morgan Cook818
Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Hannah789
Face Valueowned by: Charlotte Black633
Beatrix Potterowned by: Morgan Ashby526
Terians What A Foxowned by: Isabella Steinberg407
Woodlands Boo Boo Bearowned by: Ann Patterson Sparks398
Just 4 Meowned by: Virginia Rollins322
Prime Colorsowned by: Kimberly Shovelin289
Lets Fly Ladybugowned by: Jenna Nelson225
Picturesque Knick Knackowned by: Parker Mechling219
Woodlands Jumping Jackowned by: Megan Schepperley165
Hot Commodityowned by: Kayla Amy151
Wayne's Blue Sapphireowned by: Emily Grace Swinson129
Wynbrook April Frostowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson90
Pepperwood Swarovskiowned by: Elaina Shea Amy79
Miles to Cruiseowned by: Thomas Gobble50
Highlifes Lamborghiniowned by: Alessandra Beese13

Small Pony

With Applauseowned by: Jessie Spade2515
Q-2owned by: Libbie Gordon2382
Everyday Enzoowned by: Jessie Spade1441
Clovermeade Razzbunnyowned by: Linen Owens1393
Glenhaven Astoriaowned by: Parker Peacock856
Picturesque Knick Knackowned by: Parker Mechling175
Training Wheelsowned by: Gabriella Neeld16

Medium Pony

Astro Boyowned by: Elle Gibbs3200
Tiffany Blueowned by: Libbie Gordon2546
Rockportowned by: Isabella Di Benedetto1726
Bazingaowned by: Elizabeth Cram1658
Finest Feather by Farowned by: Emma Hicks1166
Kutchenowned by: Jenna Nelson1150
Dipped in Chocolateowned by: Cathy Cram881
Mapleside Magic Wishowned by: Alexandra Ryden807
Simply Untouchableowned by: Jessie Spade748
Saved by the Bellaowned by: Gabrielle Sousa489
Star Struckowned by: Keely Gray487
Prince Henryowned by: Isabella Cheers434
For Narniaowned by: Audrey Sydnor380
Foxmor Wigglesworthowned by: GC Ponies378
Woodlands Pixieowned by: Livia Loverso306
La Costeowned by: Libbie Gordon304
Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owens287
Deja Blueowned by: Madison Strickland247
Coal in my Stocking RSHowned by: Meagan Bennett237
Rollingwoods Sticky Bunsowned by: Gabriella Tekampe214
Beatrix Potterowned by: Morgan Ashby179
Face Valueowned by: Charlotte Black172
Sunriseowned by: Jessie Spade134
Woodlands Boo Boo Bearowned by: Ann Patterson Sparks85
When In Roanowned by: Briarfield Farm72
Greymeadows Ginger Snapowned by: Morgan Cook68
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes33

Large Pony

Timelessowned by: Ponies Express LLC2547
Champlain Sovereignowned by: The Hill Farm2044
Champlain Rowboatowned by: Ponies Express LLC1902
Zoolanderowned by: Madison Spangle1730
Celtics Creek Friar Tuckowned by: Sophia Mitchell851
Onyxfords Blue Magicowned by: Leigh Ashby829
Celtic Creeks Golden Nuggetowned by: Lindsay Milligan791
Foxmor Silk Pocketsowned by: Dawson Amick743
Foxmor Starstruckowned by: Dawson Amick655
Orions Diamond Aceowned by: Jessica West508
My Sweet Dreamsowned by: Savannah Roberts427
Debonairowned by: Naia Tappa399
Deal Me Inowned by: Caroline Weaver396
Mr. Bojanglesowned by: Bennett Bunn Plantat393
Lakeview Laciowned by: Lauren Hedley358
Sugarbrook West Pointowned by: Gabrielle Sousa339
Champlain Greyowned by: Chloe Mechling312
Woodlands Lucky Stringowned by: Lauren Orfinik284
Wesmoores Tangled Up in Blueowned by: Eva Hammer208
Brownie Pointsowned by: Lauren Sear178
Just 4 Meowned by: Virginia Rollins120
Pardon My Zipperowned by: Emm Hodes112
Mapleside Midasowned by: Andrea Guzinski74
Play It Loudowned by: Fallyn Belcstro70
Waynes Blue Sapphireowned by: EmilyGrace Swinson36
My Brown Eyed Girlowned by: Trademark Stables13

Childrens Pony

Pitch Perfectowned by: Linen Owen1158
Kid Rockowned by: Wendy Peralto587
Ever So Cleverowned by: Andrea Guzinski546
Woodlands Mr. Mischiefowned by: Briarfield Farm501
Terians What A Foxowned by: Isabella Steinberg468
Play It Loudowned by: Fallyn Belcastro444
Echoowned by: Kara Jones379
Master Planowned by: Stephanie Grace Fernandez376
Mapleside Midasowned by: Cedarhill Farm336
Woodlands Pixieowned by: Livia Loverso331
Foxmor Silk Pocketsowned by: Dawson Amick290
Escapades Fancy Pantsowned by: Claire Peters275
Stonehengeowned by: Remy Deitelbaum256
Crocodile Rockowned by: Grace Plumb248
Caraway Charlotteowned by: Davenport Hatcher240
Midnight Memoriesowned by: Natalie Tuinstra230
Sequoia Lanes Brown Sugarowned by: Emily Smith197
Epic Splashowned by: Hannah Smith166
Hill Farm Swanowned by: The Hill Farm134
Helicon Stowawayowned by: Raeann Jones132
Romeoowned by: Andrea Guzinski126
Farnley Snow Whiteowned by: Katelyn Martin122
Prime Colorsowned by: Kimberly Shovelin96
Coal in My Stocking RSHowned by: Meagan Bennett90
Celtic Creeks Almost Irishowned by: Anna Rhodes85
Salyns Kittyhawkowned by: Elizabeth Petrilli79
Woodlands Doodle Bugowned by: Sydney Beese69
Bazingaowned by: Celia Cram53

Pre Child/Adult

Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black1821
Internet IIowned by: Celia Cram1275
Quintagoowned by: Sandra Savage1172
Rainy Night in Georgiaowned by: Sarah Page Steffens1072
Abstract Artowned by: Avery Matthews698
Lost My Sockowned by: Shelton Houser566
Natural Iron Mistowned by: Renee White536
Toulouseowned by: Caroline Holland441
Aproposowned by: Cedarhill Farm423
Dual Citizenowned by: Elizabeth Chappell276
Beau Kowned by: Emily Grace Thomas266
Don Camilloowned by: Harriet McDonald258
Lots of Goldowned by: Melissa Burhenne256
Gallahadowned by: Bridget Dieter240
Abruzziowned by: Lauren Lorenzi214
Mercuryowned by: Kathryn Hendrickson211
Renaissance Manowned by: Livia Loverso189
Kinsaleowned by: Heather Conder188
Diamantowned by: Regan White179
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle174
Jasperowned by: Molly Roberts168
Miss Waldorfowned by: Remy Deitelbaum158
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives158
Cotocincoowned by: Mary Kristensen158
Radjah Datowned by: Greer Freeman152
So Be Itowned by: Patty Heuckeroth151
Repeat After Meowned by: Catherine Pollard134
Terians What A Foxowned by: Isabella Steinberg131
Bayouowned by: Cathy Dow130
Narniaowned by: Lauren Hunt123
Hopscotchowned by: Joey Barley120
Dinner Guestowned by: Trela Hendrix117
Reliantowned by: Jordan Sigmon112
Mr. Greyowned by: Alyssa Searles110
Splotchowned by: Lindsey Rigney106
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu105
Righteousowned by: Margaret Dill104
Stuartowned by: Marshall Broadfoot100
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins97
La Costeowned by: Libbie Gordon97
Never Say Neverowned by: Patty Heuckeroth92
San Remoowned by: Jacinda Purrington92
Decafeowned by: Mackenzie Hudson86
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli85
Sweet Nothingsowned by: Caroline Bradley82
Romeoowned by: Cedarhill Farm77
Spoonful of Sugarowned by: Logan Crouser74
Better than a Boyfriendowned by: Jessica Keyser70
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson68
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder68
Here Tizowned by: Kate Robinson59
Money Spiderowned by: Diane Semer59
C Reynolds Brownowned by: Townsend Farm58
Mustiqueowned by: Shirley Murphy54
Sophiaowned by: Andrea Guzinski40
Honor Councilowned by: Rylee Rosenthal27
Cadet's Mateoowned by: Victoria Kirby22
A Royl Legacyowned by: Waverly Gans20

Childrens 14 and Under

Plushowned by: Emma Nichols2180
Limited Editionowned by: Sheridan Johnson1725
Look Againowned by: Ruby Sloan1579
Crowd Pleazarrowned by: C. Blair Spencer1425
La Costeowned by: Libbie Gordon1126
Velvet Affairowned by: Kayla Hudnell1009
Toulouseowned by: Caroline Holland785
Key Largoowned by: Caroline Bradley553
Goodnight Moonowned by: Haley Barnes546
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice421
Don Camilloowned by: Harriet McDonald406
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu275
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb263
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black236
Nevadaowned by: Teresa Sutter199
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli170
Lost My Sockowned by: Shelton Houser162
As You Wishowned by: Haley Rogers162
Confidantowned by: Grace Angelino150
Spartan Moonowned by: Cannon Thomas124
Junior Mintowned by: Abbie Stepnoski110
Masonboroowned by: Elizabeth Paul48
Here Tizowned by: Kate Robinson47
Copy Thatowned by: Emily Grace Swinson37

Childrens 15 to 17

Acovibuowned by: Mary Helen Earp1551
Dual Citizenowned by: Elizabeth Chappell1258
Evaristowned by: Morgan Matlaga852
Reigning Parfaitowned by: Peyton Carrington828
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow822
Alpine Ben Venueowned by: Meagan Jones777
Umbertoowned by: Emma Covington648
Rio Ultimoowned by: McKenzie Tuttle476
Reliantowned by: Jordan Sigmon454
Applewoodowned by: Brianne Burkhardt434
Noveltyowned by: Maya Stolle391
Hopscotchowned by: Joey Barley371
The Last Waltzowned by: Taylor Ellis358
Diamantowned by: Regan White352
Seabornes Marinerowned by: Seaborne Farm321
Walk-Onowned by: Sarah Page Steffens305
Play Stationowned by: Emilie Burton299
Irish Moonowned by: Cannon Thomas276
Barnes and Nobleowned by: Courtney Bonini263
Accomacowned by: Ashlen Rowe242
Rockstar Investmentowned by: Lindsey Woolard211
Joshlynowned by: Lisa Dickerson172
Berkeleyowned by: Erica Rose168
Capture the Momentowned by: Melissa Wiggins160
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex150
Radjah Datowned by: Greer Freeman143
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski141
Narniaowned by: Lauren Hunt110
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe75
Dream Upowned by: Raeann Jones62
Here Tizowned by: Kate Robinson51
Dinner Guestowned by: Trela Hendrix45
Nottinghamowned by: Taylor Price41

Small Junior

Joyfulowned by: Kara Jones2218
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables660
Linusowned by: Haley Redifer572
Timoteoowned by: EHM Equestrian522
Seleusowned by: Lily Gumenick515
Fernhill Westinowned by: Haley Redifer488
Cafe Noirowned by: Lily Gottwald361
Castelliowned by: Khaki Run LLC219
Top Notch Tivioowned by: McKenna Newton175
Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms96
Farnley Cribbageowned by: Kim Cummings89

Large Junior

Quintessentialowned by: Elizabeth McKim2784
Rio Oroowned by: Andrea Guzinski2661
Crackowned by: Darby Cole1973
Chantillyowned by: Isabelle Song1775
Dolceowned by: Sully Williams954
Summitowned by: Lily Gumenick907
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables838
Luminaryowned by: Helen Ulrich835
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex756
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian744
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney697
Vegasowned by: Remy Deitelbaum627
Monumentalowned by: Madison Syfert587
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula547
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song460
Casalloowned by: Erin McGuire377
Pegamentoowned by: Andrea Guzinski231
Selectowned by: Emily Orrell224
Donderowned by: EHM Equestrian209
Not to Worryowned by: Lily Gottwald137
Catinaowned by: Kimmee Gottwald131
Chapter Three Zowned by: Fallyn Belcastro120
Berkeleyowned by: Erica Rose91
Aracinoowned by: Emily Pribula76
Belitoowned by: Caroline Fuller75
Bayous Dreamowned by: Robert Mones70
Lots of Goldowned by: Melissa Burhenne66
Kiss Kissowned by: Sully Williams48

Junior Hunter 3 Foot 3

Hey Sailorowned by: Lekha Ramachandran2440
Selectowned by: Katherine Orrell1875
Del Pieroowned by: Kalli Meagher1484
Mandolayowned by: Grace Owens1017
Crowd Pleazarrowned by: C. Blair Spencer848
Berkeleyowned by: Erica Rose820
Londonowned by: Lindsay Milligan766
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex573
Solsburyowned by: Madison Matthews492
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb460
Rotspunowned by: Mary Margaret Overby402
Izzoowned by: Madison Bullard378
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow357
Chapter Three Zowned by: Fallyn Belcastro355
Donderowned by: EHM Equestrian325
Confidantowned by: Grace Angelino299
Dolceowned by: Sully Williams281
Narniaowned by: Lauren Hunt209
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice190
Stetsonowned by: Emma Chapman155
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli148
Hey Nowowned by: Stacey Ingram145
Rio Ultimoowned by: McKenzie Tuttle131
C. Louis Zowned by: Beverly Davis123
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe122
Alpine Ben Venueowned by: Meagan Jones111
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables105
Evaristowned by: Morgan Matlaga95
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ashe91
Toulouseowned by: Coleman Holland80
Capicua Zowned by: Wendy Peralta61

Adult Amateur 18 to 35

Keiraowned by: Courtney Canizares1485
Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray1247
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder1044
Son of a Sailorowned by: Emma Fass1037
Baysideowned by: McKenzie Davenport871
Wakefieldowned by: Rachel Bethea824
Bonavorowned by: Diane Semer747
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels738
Kinsaleowned by: Heather Conder541
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson467
Caranos Catoowned by: Pony Express LLC400
Landos Silver Tear Dropowned by: Ponies Express LLC399
FVF Voilaowned by: Laura Gaither303
Lyrik HFowned by: Willoughby Stables260
Diplomatowned by: Ashley Lovegrove239
Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex167
Bond Streetowned by: Rebecca Bergman142
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle140
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole134
Bedazzledowned by: Kaitlyn Moore132
San Remoowned by: Jacinda Purrington114
Innsbrookowned by: Mike Rosser106
Everetowned by: Madeleine Waugh103
Romulusowned by: Margaret Overby99
Port of Callowned by: Ashley Montaquila91
Beach Cruiserowned by: Skye Deitelbaum81
Per Seowned by: Nicole Davis80
Little Rockowned by: Hanna Greene48
Distanceowned by: Caroline Johnson35

Adult Amateur 36 to 49

Heartthrobowned by: Kim Cummings1587
Toltecowned by: Vicki Autry1570
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith1039
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz777
Devonowned by: Joey Barley677
Touch of Sunowned by: Stacie Winslow663
Allegoryowned by: Sarah Nash522
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle337
Isaacowned by: Amelia Zahn141
Yesterdayowned by: Kimberly Boutin105
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe103
Captivatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz45

Adult Amateur 50 and Over

Date Nightowned by: Erica Bocaner1169
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle738
Corleoneowned by: Bethany Garrison668
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe552
Bagdad Bobowned by: Heather Squires199
Never Say Neverowned by: Patty Heuckeroth176
Possibilitiesowned by: Patty Heuckeroth173
Gallagherowned by: Lucy Rutter158
Mr Darcyowned by: Janey Murray153

Amateur Owner 3 ft 3

Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat2296
Gable Stoneowned by: Diane Semer1229
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay1147
Coconut Creekowned by: Angela Pollex1086
Poetic Justisowned by: Brooke Cole970
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel889
Executiveowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith689
Hey Nowowned by: Stacey Ingram663
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens563
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole536
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway496
Stand and Deliverowned by: Ashley Brien412
Bond Streetowned by: Rebecca Bergman367
Montblancowned by: Aleksandra Woodward322
Padji D Eosowned by: Caroline Waugh266
Askaroowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith247
Distanceowned by: Caroline Johnson224
Unimpeachableowned by: Victoria Waugh84
Fennarioowned by: Missy Chiles74
Authentic Goldowned by: Kendall Woodlief69
FTR Sensaowned by: Chloe Pacyna21

Amateur Owner 35 and Under

Boss Bentleyowned by: Ashley Hurteau1239
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole148
Corleoneowned by: Bethany Garrison112
Trade Markowned by: Cathy Dow100

Amateur Owner 36 and Over

Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz1633
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden LLC722
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens368

Pre Green 3 Foot

FVF Voilaowned by: Laura Gaither1046
Vivantaowned by: Anjali Velu820
Quintagoowned by: Sandra Savage359
Calvin Kowned by: Caroline Johnson332
Romantic Tiaraowned by: Fairy Tale Farms292
Little Rockowned by: Hanna Greene181
C. Theodoreowned by: Cannon Thomas181
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels150
Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merritt128
Special Deliveryowned by: Deborah Mastrangelo75
Miss Waldorfowned by: Remy Deitelbaum38
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins21
Callistoowned by: Natalie Morris17

Pre Green 3 foot 3

Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black2385
Plushowned by: Emma Nichols793
Montblancowned by: Aleksandra Woodward747
Confidantowned by: Grace Angelino577
Zarrageousowned by: Deborah Kline560
Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merritt467
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins385
C. Theodoreowned by: Cannon Thomas303
Gable Stoneowned by: Diane Semer278
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice140
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski87
Possibilitiesowned by: Patty Heuckeroth77
Lacy RSHowned by: Meagan Bennett77

First Year Green Working

Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat1649
Most of Allowned by: Pamela Tope1256
Kenanowned by: EHM Equestrian1071
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle515
Boss Bentleyowned by: Ashley Hurteau450
Monumentalowned by: Madison Syfert322
Izzoowned by: Madison Bullard298
Pacificoowned by: Elizabeth McClintic278
Allegoryowned by: Sarah Nash159
Rotspunowned by: Margaret Overby147
Linusowned by: Haley Redifer94

Second Year Green Working

Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms2733
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle864
Boss Bentleyowned by: Ashely Hurteau685
Diplomatowned by: Ashley Lovegrove658
Not to Worryowned by: Lily Gottwald105

Green Conformation

Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens190
Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms86

High Performance Hunter

Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden LLC513
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle133

Performance Hunter 3 foot 3

Del Pieroowned by: Kalli Meagher1874
Pacificoowned by: Elizabeth McClintic1004
Cape Townowned by: Coleman Murray1001
Forest Foxowned by: Caroline McDaniel534
Allegoryowned by: Sarah Nash447
Son of a Sailorowned by: Emma Fass428
Londonowned by: Lindsay Milligan387
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat385
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe290
Mandolayowned by: Diana Cummings262
Crossroadsowned by: Nancy Merritt261
Emojiowned by: Brooke Cole214
Ducatiowned by: Catherine Daniels207
Poetic Justisowned by: Brooke Cole201
Joyfulowned by: Kara Jones182
Dedicatedowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz181
Umbertoowned by: Emma Covington167
Spartan Moonowned by: Cannon Thomas151
Diplomatowned by: Ashley Lovegrove150
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway141
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder136
Distanceowned by: Caroline Johnson127
Chantillyowned by: Isabelle Song122
Landos Silver Tear Dropowned by: Ponies Express LLC122
Beauginoowned by: Mackenzie Ashe121
Seleusowned by: Lily Gumenick113
Summitowned by: Lily Gumenick110
Bespokeowned by: Elizabeth Tarumianz106
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden LLC104
Look Againowned by: Ruby Sloan99
Monumentalowned by: Madison Syfert99
Stand and Deliverowned by: Ashley Brien91
Calypsoowned by: Lindsey Rigney83
Plushowned by: Emma Nichols77
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black75
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables57
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens55
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song54
Executiveowned by: Missy Luczak-Smith54
San Patriano IIowned by: Michelle Beck53
Most of Allowned by: Pamela Tope52
C. Theodoreowned by: Cannon Thomas47
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay46
Authentic Goldowned by: Kendall Woodlief44
Nevadaowned by: Teresa Sutter43
Poolsideowned by: Adison Rice43
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula41
SRF Milesowned by: Mackenzie Ashe40
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex38
Aracinoowned by: Emily Pribula36
Boss Bentleyowned by: Ashely Hurteau35
Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms32
Chapter Three Zowned by: Fallyn Belcastro32
Izzoowned by: Madison Bullard30
Confidantowned by: Grace Angelino29
Alpine Ben Venueowned by: Meagan Jones28
Adelitaowned by: Jennifer Boyle17

Performance Hunter 3 foot 6

Walk the Lineowned by: Nancy Merritt2118
Ledgerowned by: Five Henry Stables1132
Tumbling Diceowned by: Five Henry Stables417
Camelotowned by: Isabelle Song228
Corleoneowned by: Bethany Garrison192
Wistfulowned by: Stacey McFadden LLC133
Quintessentialowned by: EHM Equestrian132
Spartan Moonowned by: Cannon Thomas92
Far Cryowned by: Benita Cozzens89
Mylo Xylotoowned by: Claudia Pollex81
Chantillyowned by: Isabelle Song81
Monumentalowned by: Madison Syfert58
Little Manhattenowned by: Fairy Tale Farms46
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat37
Santoriniowned by: Carelyn Monroe35
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway32

Childrens Pony Equitation

Stella Thigpen151
Fallyn Belcastro96
Isabelle Davis93
Emily Smith86
Livia Loverso85
Ada Catherine Hay70
Grace Plumb58
Kylie Jones48
Katelyn Martin48
Natalie Tuinstra46
Claire Peters43
Madison Mozingo41
Hannah Smith34
Stephanie Grace Fernandez28
Linen Owens20
Anna Rhodes19
Rachel Bort19
Amelia Zahn16
Mary Hunter Millet14
Sydney Beese13

Short Stirrup Equitation

Ava Loverso338
McKenna Newton202
Kolbie Watson168
Caroline Hancock121
Davenport Hatcher81
Sally Watkins80
Marissa Santaniello68
Greer Freeman63
Lorrie Winkler52
Sophie Bray50
Sophia Grewal47
Kylie Jones46
Emma Plumb45
Gracie Edmundson43
Savannah Welch43
Katelyn Martin34

11 and Under Equitation

Jessie Spade377
Elle Gibbs282
Morgan Cook202
Madeline Rubin178
Katherine Smith145
Isabella Steinberg143
Linen Owens141
McKenna Newton106
Emily Smith104
Alexandra Ryden74
Rachel Bort73
Parker Mechling68
Elizabeth Cram63
Erica Felder46
Cate Hernandez46
Abbie Gordon44
Stella Thigpen40
Davenport Hatcher39
Sophie Bray36
Ada Catherine Hays33

12 to 14 Equitation

Sheridan Johnson215
Emma Nichols173
Harriet McDonald125
Caroline Bradley105
Amelia Zahn104
Avery Lynch95
Abbie Stepnoski86
Caroline Holland76
Kate Robinson74
Charlotte Black72
Celia Cram63
Madelyn Van Tiem61
Libbie Gordon53
Erica Felder46
Wynter Johnson45
Isabelle Song45
Kayla Amy41
Chapel Bartee36
Naia Tappa36
Claire Steffens35
Kayla Hudnell34
Molly Roberts22
Kirsten Lafforthun17
Grayson Hutchins17

15 to 17 Equitation

Rawleigh Harris304
Kathleen Fritz253
Remy Deitelbaum243
Coleman Holland226
Helen Ulrich213
Mackenzie Ashe160
Katie Hay126
Abigail Poss102
Ashley Parker100
Caroline Weaver95
Madison Syfert95
Elizabeth McKim90
Emily Pribula85
Wynne Weatherly84
Caroline Kornegay73
Darby Pease62
Emily Orrell61
Jessica Konopinski57
Jessica West51
Jordan Spinelli50
Maria Hackney50
Lauren Hunt42
Bailey Imbus38
Beverly Davis35
Justice Myers33
Jillian Moezzi33
Lindsey Woolard30
Alanna Geoffroy29
Brianne Burkhardt27
Robert Mones27
Mackenzie Hudson18
McKenzie Shearon16
Jennifer Cahill16
Kayla Jacobs13