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C Medal Points

September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016

To be eligible for equitation points the rider must be a current NCHJA member.


Hannah Smith112
Emma Hodes68
Maddie Vantiem68
Kirsten Hannah56
Laken Pritchard50
Ellie Gentes48
Madison Ma42
Leigh Ashby38
Sophie Poirier33
Olivia Pasin33
Jenna Nelson31
Jess Hair24
Sophie Mitchell21
Margaret Dill19
Ann Patterson Sparks14
Nathaniel Gilford11
Lauren Hedley9


Melissa Wiggins93
Alexis Smith89
Olivia Williams83
Brittany Pecoraro78
Taylor Price69
Ally Boogaards64
Laken Prichard48
Katelyn North45
Mary Helen Earp34
Mckenzie Tuttle26
Hannah Eyerman26
Grace Lux25
Lauren Wolfe24
Taylor Cameron Ellis24
Erin Engel21
Emily Schofield19
Sydney Wright19
Mary Margaret Overby17
Mallory Adamson11
Jordan Spinelli10
Jaclyn McVey9


Courtney Canizares148
Christie Grafford126
Helen Gillick93
Michelle Dukes74
Kerry O'Donnell60
Jennifer Fowler Patterson49
Lauren Allen33
Ashley Brien31
Kelsey Pike29
Chelsea Whyte Carter28
Jordan Holmes21
Ashley Rose20
Laura Ankrah18
Rebecca Agocs16
Lauren Lyerly14
Stephanie Miller12