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C Points

December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017

To be eligible for hunter points the horse must be recorded with NCHJA and the owner must be a current NCHJA member. To be eligible for equitation points the rider must be a current NCHJA member. Click here to view NCHJA C Show Point Calculations

Young Entry

Arch Rivalowned by: Shep Welles480
Trix Are For Kidsowned by: Mackenzy Coltraine458
Cinderellaowned by: Jamestown Equestrian350
Do You Believe In Magicowned by: Shep Welles344
Aderins Pick Pocketowned by: Kayleigh Alterson236
Apples Big Bangowned by: Triton Stables100
Emersons' Rainbeauowned by: Triton Stables86
Elite Petals And Pearlsowned by: Samantha Neppl84
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrian61
Sands Of Timeowned by: Kimberly Ely37
Sir Everettowned by: Triton Stables23
Martelowned by: Ingrid Avera14
Just My Sizeowned by: True Flight Equine13

Short Stirrup

Kiddin Aroundowned by: Julie Kjellberg642
Jumping Jack Flashowned by: Shep Welles524
Island Boyowned by: Anabelle Waldron378
Float Your Boatowned by: Melanie Wright362
Sweet Escapeowned by: Avery Johnson276
Woodland's Mr. Mischiefowned by: Briar Field Farm178
Bedtime Storyowned by: Natalie Tuinstra172
Caught In A Flashowned by: Joey Horn161
Coccinellaowned by: Jean Strahan160
Crystal Acres Sunny Daysowned by: Kaitlyn Berly113
My Brown Eyed Girlowned by: Trademark Stables110
Wynnbrook Pocket Of Pearlsowned by: Kaitly Johnson102
Romeoowned by: Andrea Guzinsku99
Jump Forest Jumpowned by: Sadie Parker83
Runaway Outlawowned by: Molly Cruse82
Imagine Dragonowned by: Fiona Kirk77
Hidden Springs Fennelowned by: Diane Randolph73
Dreamscapes Starstruckowned by: Arden Merritt56
Ain't That A Kickowned by: Irish Oaks 55
Doubled Stuffedowned by: Parker Peacock54
Satin And Pearlsowned by: Don Sheehan51
Blue Strutterowned by: Carolina Country Acr 45
Sa Lyan Irish Flairowned by: Meghan Cochran44
Wildwynn Jets Reignowned by: Irish Oaks 42
Spice It Upowned by: Raina Kishun33
Sands Of Timeowned by: Kimberly Ely27
Imagine7 Dragonsowned by: Fiona Kirk27
Tell Me Something Goodowned by: Sarah Ellerbe15

Long Stirrup

All The Chromeowned by: Rachel Smith654
Oh Mr. Wilsonowned by: Lisa Mooney488
Rascal Flattsowned by: Jamestown Equestrian421
Ante Upowned by: Triton Stables394
Take A Bowowned by: Anna Ceelen352
I E Sumthingowned by: Lisa Aiken208
Highland Ladowned by: Vistoria Williamson205
God's Allianceowned by: Haydn Hubbard196
My Brown Eyed Girlowned by: Trademark Stables164
Mariposaowned by: LeeAnn Weber156
C. Reynolds Brownowned by: Townsend Farm133
Andiamoowned by: Don Stewart108
Up And Upowned by: Gail Glifort105
Dance Stepsowned by: Triton Stables103
The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin88
Temptationowned by: Kiara Barnett85
Dancing Shoesowned by: Shep Welles77
Action 42owned by: Michaela Nelson58
By My Sideowned by: Lauren McCarthy36
Huntsmenowned by: Jennifer Shaw36
Nevadaowned by: Olivia Skertich24

Small/Medium Pony

Falling Moon Martiniowned by: Kirsten Hannah476
Rock On Hundonowned by: Margaret Stell242
Empire's Onyxowned by: Zoe White240
When In Roanowned by: Briarfield Farm208
Daddy's Paycheckowned by: Kaylee Baily208
Dipped In Chocolateowned by: Catherine Cram175
Ever So Slightlyowned by: Grace Robertson156
Pepperwood Sequinowned by: Meredith Crawford152
Catch Me If You Canowned by: Ellie Gentes131
Coal In My Stockingowned by: Iva Williamson113
CRF Teddyowned by: CRF Equestrian111
On The Rocksowned by: Francesca Armienh87
Bed Head Nedowned by: Marissa Santanello54
Party Girlowned by: Jenna Nelson49
Makloudowned by: Lainie Rubin41
Picturesque Piece Of Cakeowned by: Lillian Cain23
Just My Styleowned by: Davenport Hatcher20

Large Pony

The Kid Next Doorowned by: Olivia Pasin403
Magic Carpet Rideowned by: Paige Van Geison344
Debonairowned by: Naia Tappa341
A Wrinkle In Timeowned by: Natalie West201
Top O'The Morninowned by: Jordan Martin141
Champlain On Broadwayowned by: Patricia Benitez133
CRF Casanovaowned by: CRF Equestrian129
Orion's Diamond Aceowned by: Jessica West121
Sa Lyns Irish Flairowned by: Marianna Zarawani82
Baby I Was Born This Wayowned by: Cooper Batts81
Wynnbrook April Frostowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson71
After Shockowned by: Bryan May54
Just 4 Meowned by: Mary-Hunter Millet51
Picturesque Wishful Thinkingowned by: Robert Millet49
Lets Fly Ladybugowned by: Jenna Nelson42
Al Schoponiowned by: Grayson Hutchins37
Dare To Dreamowned by: Jaylee Amy8


Mer Soleilowned by: Laken Pritchard738
Viva La Vidaowned by: Allyson Boogaards519
Devotedowned by: Ellison Beaver462
Shotgun Riderowned by: Lindsay McAulay449
Fire And Ashesowned by: Sheree Collins411
Ritzenhoffowned by: Savannah Hutto370
Dinozoowned by: Jenna Woods351
Renaissance Manowned by: Amy Seibert346
Nevadaowned by: Olivia Skertich323
Valentine Avenueowned by: Lauren Hedley285
Hasaniowned by: Alexandra Jackson262
Dressed As A Day Dreamowned by: Piper Koontz258
The Grey Manowned by: Kristina Grigg252
Lucianoowned by: Caroline Bradley194
Decafeowned by: Nick Alberti182
Internet IIowned by: Catherine Cram179
Czechmateowned by: Charlotte Black178
Greenleeseowned by: Andrea Guzinski171
Bay Breeze Valereowned by: Aubrey Warren164
Begin The Danceowned by: LIbby Bertelsen163
Keepsakeowned by: Sophia Mitchell128
Huckleberry Finnowned by: Jason Ford109
As You Wishowned by: Haley Rogers107
King Cityowned by: Jordyn Holcomb100
Tullamore Dewowned by: Linker Remington98
Mr. Greyowned by: Alyssa Searles85
Jasperowned by: Kiara Barnett83
Vegasowned by: Arden Riddle82
Joshlynowned by: Lisa Dickerson68
Andrettiowned by: Tammy Wallis55
Iron I Stellarowned by: Kaitlyn Johnson53
Benderowned by: Rebecca Ives40
Big Bad Johnowned by: Beth Bales38
Abstract Artowned by: Avery Matthews37
Captivating Detailowned by: Riley Barnes15

Junior Amateur Owner

Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds359
Gratinaowned by: Apex Equestrian284
Lots Of Goldowned by: Melissa Burhenne212
How B'Czarowned by: Lauren Allen207
Stedets Leroyowned by: Webb Farms199
Con Manowned by: Jennifer Galloway195
Reigning Parfaitowned by: Carrington Peyton146
Adorationowned by: Caroline Kornegay130
Radiah Datowned by: Greer Freeman126
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay120
Sighowned by: Leslie Wheat115
Lights Camera Karaokeowned by: Jordan Spinelli88
Royetowned by: Catherine Woods83
Dante's Infernoowned by: Torey Fox80
Mystery Businessowned by: Emily Pribula79
Double Jeopardyowned by: Cammie Fielding69
Harleyowned by: Jordyn Magnulson-Capatosto50
Umbertoowned by: Emma Covington44
Herr Chicoowned by: Eleanor Ward42
Margoowned by: Jennifer Boyle39
Capture The Momentowned by: Melissa Wiggins31
Little Rockowned by: Hanna Greene27
Obsessionowned by: Lauren Lyerly18

Adult Amateur

Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes819
Enchantingowned by: Kelsey Pike460
Better Than Everowned by: Kerry O'Donnell395
Better Than A Boyfriendowned by: Jessica Keyser357
Inevitabilityowned by: Lauren Liles235
Kiss My Blue Assetsowned by: Emily Trapp230
Caspienowned by: Heather Conder128
Shotgun Riderowned by: Lindsay McAulay126
Tantaraowned by: Susan Reynolds125
Illuminateowned by: Helen Gillick122
Autonomousowned by: Sally Kay113
Rafalowned by: Allie Bolick Poole105
Chancelotowned by: Liza Tighe101
Liberty Down Eastowned by: Catherine Daniels89
Mardi Grasowned by: Ansley Robertson82
I'll Stand By Youowned by: Catherine Isaacs82
Calistoowned by: Alexandra Dow78
Ce'Nedraowned by: Karen Barbour77
Out Of Vogueowned by: Karen Bruce70
Tomorrow's Promiseowned by: Jordan Reagan59
Aerosmithowned by: Anderson Barrett58
Viva La Vidaowned by: Allyson Boogaards49
Trade Markowned by: Cathleen Dow49
Mr. Zowned by: Patty Heuckeroth46
Stretch Limoowned by: Christie Grafford29
Over The Topowned by: Lori Gregg23

Low Child

Renaissance Manowned by: Amy Seibert471
Over The Topowned by: Mille Brown397
Sugar Magnoliaowned by: Kim Cummings299
Le'Jurleeowned by: Sandra Alexandra Equine246
Farnley Pilgrimowned by: Caroline Chichester240
CRF Caramelloowned by: Taylor Padgett209
Jasper Lakeowned by: Lindsay Woodall174
Good Timesowned by: MacNairs Country Acres159
Splotchowned by: Lindsey Rigney154
Along Came Artieowned by: Jordan Holmes116
Mr. Brightsideowned by: Sophie Kenny109
Joe Coolowned by: Mary Marshall Fariss101
Over The Moonowned by: Abigail Thoma99
Society Girlowned by: Triton Stables95
Diamantowned by: Regan White94
Captivating Detailowned by: Riley Barnes92
Rechthaberowned by: Christy Conway Chester91
Carbonadoowned by: Lydia Wells90
As You Wishowned by: Marshall Broadfoot86
Semper Fidelisowned by: Shari Murray83
Alpines Poppyowned by: Mary Baum81
Sky Bound Minuteowned by: Claire McGovern74
Bedazzledowned by: Emily Moore62
Celtic Creeks Almost Irishowned by: Anna Rhodes47
Power Playowned by: Joy Porter39
Happy Jackowned by: Emily Moore33
Ella Enchantedowned by: Jessica Gaby32
Kahluaowned by: Sydney Kimball21
Up And Upowned by: Gail Girfort14
Contessa Noirowned by: Cate Pitterle13

Low Adult

Kiplingerowned by: Sarah Watson690
Four Quartetsowned by: Stacey Griffin672
Keep Me In Mindowned by: Stephanie Royal251
Madison Avenueowned by: Irish Oaks184
Magheeowned by: Cooper Chapman160
Windwardowned by: Patty Heuckeroth141
Brown-Eyed Girlowned by: Martin Schleppi125
So Be Itowned by: Patty Heuckeroth124
Solutionsowned by: Sarah Romine120
Take A Bowowned by: Cathleen Dow104
Special Passowned by: Michelle Kennedy91
Kinsaleowned by: Heather Conder70
Tio Pete Carowned by: Lorrie Winkler47
Rrasmodiasowned by: Sally Watkins16

Short Stirrup Equitation

Anabelle Waldron185
Riley Legletter167
Avery Johnson156
Tess Kjellberg138
Kaitlyn Berly128
Maggie Wren118
Kendle Schooler102
Langston Hopkins98
Lily Ellerbe90
Addison Taylor84
Helen Newton80
Martha Parrott79
Kolbie Watson72
Jennings Goodwin63
Sophie Braetzkus63
Katlin Frye62
Piper Loguidice59
Samantha Elliott58
Carson Martin54
Avery Cumpata53
Virginia Olin51
Sally Ives46
Sadie Parker46
Isabella Strahan43
Bray Belle32
Meghan Cochran31
Amelia Turner29
Alexa Kislowski9

11 and Under Equitation

Tess Kjellberg220
Jordan Martin159
Riley Leglieter138
Kate Mills133
Katie Anderson95
Alana Duffy87
Avery Cumpata75
Madeline McWhorter67
Lanie Rubin55
Amelia Turner50
Parker Peacock41
Carson Martin41
Sadie Parker36
Meghan Cochran36
Grace Rabb32
Alexa Kislowski25
Emma Plumb14
Bray Belle13
Mary Elwyne Kennedy9

12 to 14 Equitation

Elizabeth Ragsdale239
Taylor Padgett202
Caroline Bradley168
Savannah Hutto165
Caroline Chichester161
Ava Harry161
Hannah 138
Caroline Clodfelter136
Kirsten Hannah93
Jaylee Amy73
Elibeth Self67
Mary Baum65
Caleigh Moore62
Anabelle Waldron56
Alana Duffy55
Charlotte Black52
Cate Pitterle42
Delaney Hovis41
Alexandra Jackson37
Liza Hough37
Ellie Gentes34
Isabella Strahan30
Celia Cram24
Mackenzie Hudson23
Katie Mills21
Sholl Burkhead20
Kelly Grace Lewis19
Nathaniel Gilfort18
Paige Van Geison17
Molly Roberts13
Callahan McPherson12
isabella Byrd12
Claire McGovern11
Mary-Hunter Millet4

15 to 17 Equitation

Jenna Woods180
Lauren Hedley158
Grace Moore154
Lindsay McAulay141
Kate Robinson134
Ally Boogaards131
Olivia Skertich121
Laken Pritchard120
Ellison Beaver107
Kaitlyn Johnson100
Arden Riddle81
Erin Engel78
Alexandra Jackson74
Lisa Dickerson63
Mackenzie Hudson49
Kaely Miller39
Sarah Walker37
Mallison Smoak31
Riley Barnes29
Isabell Reidman27
Daniella Lima22
Greer Freeman19
Lindsay Woodall14